Free Online Classes

We have an MPD class room set up to help you through the learning curve. It is FREE online class room to help give users a place to ask questions, learn technique and get help with projects.

Your instructor is Kaaren Hoback also known as Patrns4u. She is a long time User and educator for all the Dress Shop and MPD programs. She is the designer of both Hat Shop and Illusions and generally coordinates the extensive Beta testing program on the products.

There are classes available to learn what's new with MPD, how to measure, how the patterns draft, what is ease and how it is applied, how to select a silhouette, how to adjust the fit from "default" to exactly what you desire and much more.

First, even though this is a "chat room" it is a very secure real class room. We even have a white board graphics can be drawn (roughly) as an aid. ALL questions on MPD are welcome.

To see the class schedule click here

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