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At My Pattern Designer, we realize that information about our custom-fit sewing patterns is key to your success and happiness with made-to-measure clothing. Other sources for custom-fit sewing pattern software are available, including "My Label" from Bernina, "Pattern Master Boutique" from Wild Ginger, "Dress Shop" from Livingsoft, and "Pattern Maker" from PatternMaker Software. We are confident that "My Pattern Designer" is your best choice. That's why we offer complete information about our product, its capabilities, and the results you can expect when using it. On our web site, you can find screen shots, photos of real customers (not just hired models), complete pattern lists, descriptions of all included design tools, and full pricing information.

My Pattern Designer is proud of what we have and eager to show you all about it before you commit your money or precious time.
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FREE demo of My Pattern Designer Standard and My Pattern Designer Pro. See every option, setting, adjustment, and tool that you will get with either upgrade.

FREE patterns.  Every version of MPD, including the free demo, comes with 4 free test fit patterns. Purchased versions include many more patterns, but even the free download version gives you these patterns for FREE! Check the fit you will get before you invest!
FREE user manual. Read about the program before you buy. Requires FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.
FREE video demonstrating use of My Pattern Designer.
FREE MPD newsletters - construction advice, product announcements, and special offers and see just what you will continue to get free after you purchase MPD patterns or products.
FREE online classes teach pattern drafting fundamentals, pattern preparation, program usage, and pattern tips and tricks that help you get the most from your software.
FREE product downloads. Get any version of MPD (Demo, Standard, or Pro), as well as all patterns and collections by free download. When you find features, patterns, or collections that you choose to purchase, it takes just moments: just visit the web site to buy, then activate your new feature, print and sew.
FREE product updates. Regular updates provide enhanced tools, more options, new pattern lines, and customer suggestions or requests. All updates are available instantly by free download.
FREE patterns. When you purchase any of the Unlimited Collections, you will permanently own every pattern of that general type (pants, for instance) that is ever added to the MPD pattern catalog in the future. New patterns are released regularly and you get them FREE!
FREE customer service. Email company support is free. Or, use the free in-product Problem Report to get detailed, customized help on just the pattern and measurements you are looking at.
FREE discussion forums. Get advice and answers from other users instantly. Forums are open to everyone, whether you have purchased or not. So, drop in and see what others are doing with MPD before you buy. There are no hidden forums available only to owners. All are open and all are FREE.