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Men's Vests and Tunics

Vests come in so many varieties and styles....

The Men's Unlimited Indoor Jackets collection includes over 80 vest patterns as well as 65 tunic patterns. Each of these patterns includes additional design editing options and settings, allowing you to create tens of thousands of unique garments.

The default fit of these jackets is for wearing over a long sleeved shirt. Every vest and tunic pattern also includes options for wearing it over a light sweater or for a more relaxed fit, with all ease amounts being automatically adjusted for the fit.

$75 retail list


The classic suit vest alone includes hundreds of variations...


The vest and tunic patterns in this collection include:

  • All  fitted, unfitted, shoulder panel, armhole panel, side panel, and yoked vest and tunic patterns in MPD

  • 17 different neckline types

  • 4 closure variations


Western style vests offer another whole realm of vest varieties...

All Men's Unlimited Outerwear Collections
require the My Pattern Designer program, build 1.04 or later.
The download demo is FREE! The latest update is free!

Vest patterns are also useful for safety wear, sports wear, lightweight outerwear, and dozens of other purposes....

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Unlimited Men's Vest and Tunic Collection
Over 146 patterns included for just $75*

* Or, use pattern credits or "Cherry Collections" to take one or a few patterns.