My Pattern Designer made-to-measure patterns produce better
fitting garments than any patterns!

Now you can beat the standard sizing myth!

Anyone who has ever tried to get a good fit using "standard" sizes has learned that standards are not very predictable. Every store and garment maker has some slightly different idea about what a size 10 really is. If your garment was made in India or Korea, that could be a very different size from what is made in Italy or France. Even in your own country, sizing varies widely. Vanity sizing and arbitrary standards have made it certain that you can never count on a size number to give you a consistent fit.

More than that, though, is the simple fact that each and every human body has variations - lots of variations. And, when you go to the store and dig through the handful of standard sizes they have, you are not very likely to find one that really matches your own body. It might do, but there are always places that just do not fit quite right.

Other pattern companies can offer patterns with 4 to 6 sizes on each pattern. Here are the standard sizing options that are offered by Butterick, McCall's, Simplicity and Vogue.

Limited pattern size options from paper pattern makers

They offer 12 sizes for misses patterns. With all the variability of the human body, the odds of one of those 12 standard sizes actually matching your own unique shape is pretty low.

My Pattern Designer patterns are printed as you need them. There is no inventory to stock, no high cost for carrying every possible size. When you want a pattern, you print it, so it can be printed in just the size you need. When you purchase an MPD pattern, you get every size that exists - all the standard sizes and all the custom sizes. You can print your pattern in as many different sizes as you like.

But, just what is your size? Perhaps you wear size 10 blouses and size 14 pants (or the reverse), and you want to make a close fitting dress that covers both areas. A single standard size just can't fit properly. Are you a slim petite or a tall plus size? There are many variations, of course. With MPD, you can start with a standard size selection that can get closer to your own real size than anything you have found anywhere else. And, it takes just seconds to select your starting point.

MPD standard charts began with the raw body sizing data provided by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) for all garment makers. That data was tuned and adjusted using our years of experience making patterns that fit the truly hard-to-fit. The results were combined and summarized into the MPD standards charts which are easy to use, but amazingly accurate in the charts that they can provide.

My Pattern Designer Basic Sizing provides better fit than any other patterns.

From most pattern or garment sources, standard sizing really means loose and sloppy. Too often, real people do not have the same "standard" size for their upper body or lower body. They are taller or shorter than the norm and standard fit clothing just does not fit. MPD Standard Sizing can compensate for the variations of 'A' shaped bodies, 'V' shaped bodies, 'H's, 'O's, 'Y's, and 'X's - all of those common variations that plague so many of us.

Many possible variations of a single "standard" size.


My Pattern Designer standard size options

First, you choose a body shape - misses, women's, men's, boy's, or girl's.

Next, choose an upper body size. Notice that the choices are not limited to the size choices that a store or paper pattern maker can provide.

Then, choose a lower body size. It does not need to be the same as the upper body size. The program will automatically adjust patterns to fit in both areas.

Finally, you can fine tune your "size chart" for height or fullness, getting very close to what your actual body measurements are. And, it takes just moments to make these simple selections and get your own personalized measurement chart.

My Pattern Designer Standard Size Detail

These measurements may be better than anything you have ever found elsewhere. After all, this one simple selection tool includes over 9,000* complete measurement charts. Your chances of finding a match to your own body shape are much greater than when you only have the 12 sizing options that other pattern makers offer you.

* Standard measurement charts in My Pattern Designer include:

  • Misses - 20 upper body * 20 lower body * 3 height variations * 3 fullness variations = 2400 charts.
  • women's sizes - 1944 charts
  • men's sizes - 4374 charts
  • girl's sizes - 216 charts
  • boy's sizes - 486 charts
  • 2400 + 1944 + 4374 + 216 + 486 = 9,420 charts included

Many experienced sewers use the measurements that they get at this point and obtain the best fit they have ever found in the clothing they sew.

My Pattern Designer Sizing Wizard!

Not sure just what your size is? Or, even worse, do you know your size at one store or garment maker, but it does not match the size you need from another? Use the MPD Sizing Wizard and let MPD determine what size you really are. To use the Wizard, enter just five very common measurements. Select your general body type and enter Height, Bust, Waist, Hip and Inseam measurements.

The wizard uses those to look up the nearest matching upper and lower body American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard size charts. The closest matching upper body chart is merged with the closest matching lower body chart and the values adjusted based on your height and leg length.

The MPD Measurement Wizard is quick and easy to use, but produces a total body fit that is far more accurate than any simple standard sizing.

My Pattern Designer Standard Custom Sizing!

But, perhaps you have some specific fit issues that you would really like to see handled better. Your body gets a decent fit with these standard measurements, but has larger biceps or maybe a rounded back, tilted waist, skinny thighs, or large bust. If you just need a few adjustments, click on that "Advanced" button at the bottom of the standard size dialog, and you can make as many or as few simple adjustments as you need.

My Pattern Designer standard size adjustments
Advanced Standard Sizing allows you to fine tune just the problem areas that you need to adjust.

My Pattern Designer Professional Custom Sizing!

With the adjustments available in the MPD Standard Size charts, you can get a truly incredible fit, as good or better than any other source of patterns or clothing in the world. But, for some people, that is still not good enough. For the best possible fit you can get anywhere, you need patterns drafted to more body measurements. When you are ready for it, My Pattern Designer Pro version offers the ultimate in fit fine tuning with the MPD Pro full measurement chart:

My Pattern Designer Custom size measurements

No other pattern drafting system available anywhere includes the detail, the options, and the precision that the MPD Pro complete measurement chart can provide. For the true perfectionist who expects the best, nothing less will do the job.

Once you have your ideal measurements, you can sew garment after garment, confident that the fit will be better than anything else you can get.

However, even more options are available for you to use if you wish. One blouse may be intended as a dressy, close fit for work or a formal occasion.  But, later, you might want a looser, more casual or relaxed fit blouse. Or, perhaps you just want the arm or back to fit a bit looser this time.

All MPD patterns include ease settings for every part of the pattern where fit adjustments may be desired. You can tune each garment you make to fit ideally for its intended use.

The fit is yours to control when you have all the tools and options that MPD provides. And no other source of patterns can begin to offer the fit you can get with an MPD pattern.